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“Committed to making the difference”

AiCuris is a pharmaceutical company focused on the discovery, research and development of novel, resistance-breaking antiviral and antibacterial agents for the treatment of severe and potentially life-threatening infectious diseases.

Founded in 2006 as a spin-out from Bayer's virology and bacteriology research department, AiCuris is now an established “powerhouse for anti-infectives” and is one of the few biotech companies world-wide to have successfully brought a drug to market, and therefore to patients (Prevymis® 2017/18).

Today AiCuris has an innovative pipeline of anti-infective agents and a team of internationally recognized scientists in Research and Development. By focusing on therapeutic areas with high medical need, the company is positioned for growth and success.




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AiCuris changes its legal form

AiCuris Anti-infective Cures GmbH becomes AiCuris AG

The Company’s shareholder resolved to change the legal form from the German “GmbH” (limited-liability company) to a stock corporation (Aktiengesellschaft or “AG”). :

  • Transition will support the Company in exploring additional opportunities for future growth
  • AiCuris shareholders elect Helga Rübsamen-Schaeff, Sean Marett and Helmut Jeggle to the inital Supervisory Board
  • Supervisory board confirms Holger Zimmermann as CEO and Holger Schmoll as CFO

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BEAT-COV: Entwicklung COVID-19-Medikamente

Initiative BEAT-COV fordert Unterstützung für Entwicklung und Produktion neuer, innovativer COVID-19-Medikamente
  • Sichere und hoch wirksame Medikamente sind dringend erforderlich, um COVID-19-Patienten zu versorgen und Krankenhäuser zu entlasten.
  • Impfstoffe schützen vor Erkrankung, aber bereits Erkrankte benötigen dringend Medikamente für eine gezielte Therapie von Symptomen und eine Verbesserung der Überlebenschancen. Es fehlt die zielgerichtete Förderung von in der Entwicklung bereits fortgeschrittenen Medikamenten zur Behandlung von COVID-19.
  • BEAT-COV (Biotech Emergency Alliance for Therapies against COVID-19) ist ein Zusammen­schluss von vier deutschen, mittelständischen Biotechnologieunternehmen mit erfolg­versprechenden COVID-19-Therapieansätzen in späten Phasen der klinischen Entwicklung.

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Winners of the AiCubator Resident Status

AiCuris selects three novel anti-infective treatment approaches as winners of the AiCubator Resident Status, a corporate innovative accelerator initiative
  • “AiCubator” was launched by AiCuris mid-2020 to provide long-term support for early but promising research projects in the field of anti-infectives
  • The first three winning projects of this initiative cover artificial chimeric interferons with improved antiviral activity developed by researchers from the Institute of Virology, University of Duisburg and Essen, as well as two novel approaches against Gram-negative bacteria including a novel small molecule antibiotic developed by the US-start-up company Prokaryotics Inc. and a new gyrase inhibitor class developed by the Swiss biotech start-up Selmod
  • The AiCubator is part of Aicuris’ “PREP” (Pandemic and Resistance Emergency Preparedness) - program, a comprehensive four-pillar program to help prevent future pandemics and combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR)

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