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Treating life-threatening bacterial blood-stream infections

Blood-stream-infections (BSI) are among the top seven causes of death in many European and North American countries. Whereas primary BSI is typically caused by Gram-positive bacteria, there is a clear prevalence for Gram-negative bacteria in secondary BSI, which is characterized by originating from another primary organ. Around 10% of these infections are caused by strains resistant to multiple existing antibiotics. In partnership with Lysando, AiCuris is currently developing a promising novel class of antibacterials with a unique mode of action, called Artilysins®. Artilysins® can be engineered to target Gram-negative bacteria, are fast-acting bactericidal, do not depend on bacterial metabolism or actively dividing pathogens, and are highly effective against multi-drug-resistant (MDR) bacteria. Artilysins® thus represent a unique and innovative solution with a significant therapeutic potential to manage serious infections due to Gram-negative ‘superbugs’.