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Prevymis® / Letermovir (AIC246)

Prevymis® / Letermovir (AIC246)

A paradigm shift in HCMV prophylaxis

A human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) infection is one of the most dangerous complications following transplantation. The “game-changer” Letermovir constitutes the first and only prophylactic treatment of HCMV in bone marrow transplant patients, significantly improving survival rates. Letermovir was developed by AiCuris up to Phase 2b and licensed to Merck & Co. (MSD) in 2012. It was approved under the brand name Prevymis® in the US, the EU, Japan and other countries. A pivotal study for HCMV prophylaxis in kidney transplant recipients is currently ongoing, with the aim to expand its use to additional indications.

Saving lives. Every day.

  • Novel mode of action
    a non-nucleosidic small molecule inhibiting a new viral target (HCMV viral terminase)
  • Life-saving
    First-in-class drug available for prophylaxis of CMV infection and disease
  • Block-buster potential
    Fast market uptake and additional indications