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Artilysins® - diabetic foot

Treating diabetic foot infections

Diabetes mellitus can give rise to diabetic foot ulcers, which can undergo diabetic foot infections (DFI). A bacterial infection is the likeliest single cause of delayed healing of DFI. If neglected, a bacterial infection can progress from contamination to colonization and local infection through to systemic infection, sepsis and multiple organ failure, and can become life-threatening.

Diabetic foot infections are associated with increased frequency and length of hospitalization, high risk of lower extremity amputation and morbidity as well as a significant reduction in the quality of life. It is estimated that around 40 to 60 million people with diabetes globally are affected.

The treatment of infected chronic wounds is complicated by the presence of drug-resistant microbial biofilms, which contribute to excessive inflammation, leading to a delay in healing. Also in this type of disorders the blood flow is compromised and antibiotics usually cannot reach the diseased area. All of this creates a strong unmet medical need for novel, innovative approaches and treatment options.