In-licensing & Collaborations

Curiosity is a key element of AiCuris’ DNA. We are always open to collaborations and in-licensing opportunities to help us make a real difference in the anti-infective field.

AiCuris key areas of interest are:

  • viral indications, in particular

•  Hepatitis B virus
•  Adenovirus

  • life-threatening nosocomial bacterial infections especially caused by Gram-negative pathogens



Besides pursuing its own in-house R&D portfolio, AiCuris is continuously scouting for and evaluating attractive anti-infective programs to expand its pipeline and business.
AiCuris is interested in early research and preclinical antiviral and antibacterial programs characterized by novel targets and mechanisms of action (MoA). Another major prerequisite for any project of interest is the resistance-breaking profile in an area of high medical need.
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The success of AiCuris derives from a collaborative business model that identifies and capitalizes synergies, resulting in fruitful and rewarding results for all stakeholders.

AiCuris is proud to have key in-house expertise for every important discipline and leverages this through an outstanding network of external experts and service providers.

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