AiCuris’ success has been the result of strong internal expertise, leveraged by dynamic and fruitful collaborations. With its longstanding competence in anti-infectives and proven development capabilities, AiCuris is a qualified partner in the industry for drug discovery and the development of antiviral and antimicrobial therapeutics. Our partnering strategy focuses on expanding our portfolio and accelerating our ability to deliver novel anti-infective therapies to patients worldwide. AiCuris is constantly evaluating strategic partnerships and collaboration opportunities with biotech or pharmaceutical companies.

We focus mainly on assets at the stage of preclinical candidate and beyond, which use innovative approaches (novel molecules and/or modes of action) and provide a fit with one of two major pipeline areas:

Solving the medical needs of today

Viral Indications

  • Hepatitis B Virus cure
  • Adenoviral infections, topical and systemic

Bacterical indications

  • Topical solution for diabetic foot infections
  • Gram negative blood stream infections
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Combined therapy for Gonorrhea and Chlamydia

Preparing for future threats

Viral Indications

  • Antiviral drugs with a broad-spectrum activity and potential to prevent future pandemics

Bacterical indications

  • Resistance breaking drugs with novel mode of action targeting WHO priority and ESKAPE pathogens with a focus on our Unmet Need indications

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