R&D Pipeline

AiCuris has a broad R&D portfolio consisting of: 


  • Urgent need for more effective antiviral drugs

In recent years, the threat of a viral epidemic, or even a pandemic, has become more realistic than ever before. However, besides these new threats such as MERS or Ebola virus, there are also common viral infections where either no effective or safe treatment is on the market (e.g. for herpesvirus infections such as herpes simplex virus or cytomegalovirus) or the existing therapeutic options do not lead to a cure and therefore, requiring lifelong treatment (e.g. chronic hepatitis B). Furthermore, for many viruses (e.g. adenoviruses), no treatment is available at all, despite a significant disease burden.

AiCuris' mission is to identify and to develop new antivirals for such infections, that are directed not only against so-called "classical" targets (e.g. polymerases), but also against novel viral targets and thus with novel mechanisms of action.


  • Urgent Need for Resistance-Breaking Antibiotics

The substantial number of antibacterial agents developed during the second half of the last century appeared so successful in combating common pathogens, that bacterial infections were considered to be overcome. However the past two decades have shown the celebrations to be premature. Especially in a hospital setting, resistance to several of the most efficacious antibacterial agents has been rising constantly. Both Gram-positive and Gram-negative pathogens have collected a vast array of resistance mechanisms. Treatment failure due to antibiotic resistance is particularly grave for patients whose immune system is compromised, such as people with an underlying disease and patients in intensive care units. According to recent health statistics, each year about 2 million people acquire bacterial infections in U.S. hospitals alone, of which 90,000 die as a result. About 70 percent of these infections were caused by bacteria resistant to at least one drug.

AiCuris' mission is the development of life-saving cures for the treatment of severe Gram-positive and Gram-negative infections to ensure effective antibacterial therapeutic options for the future. The company’s highly innovative antibacterial pipeline comprises several discovery programs as well as late stage preclinical candidates with focus on novel treatment options and compound classes targeting multi-resistant pathogens.