R&D Pipeline

AiCuris has a broad R&D portfolio consisting of: 

Unmet medical need:

The area of infectious diseases is is extremely broad and variable. There are a lot of indications with a very strong need for new efficient solutions. Finding these solutions is one of two major AiCuris priorities.

In 2017 Prevymis®(Letermovir) a principal new therapy for human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) was brought to the market to treat patients that are undergoing bone marrow transplantation. Letermovir is being developed for further indications. A pivotal study for HCMV prophylaxis in kidney transplant recipients is currently ongoing. 

AiCuris is focusing on both viral and bacterial areas of unmet medical need, exploring the areas of HSV therapy for immunocompromised patients, chronic HBV cure, and adenoviral infections. Additional areas of interest in bacteriology are diabetic foot and bone and joint infections. With this broad portfolio of compounds AiCuris aims to address various unmet needs in the antiinfective field.

Pandemic & resistance preparedness:

Along with existing problems potential future threats should not be underestimated. The global COVID -19 pandemic, caused by a newly discovered coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, has taught us that we must prepare for the worst in order to prevent future pandemics. While scientists are working to understand and control the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also crucial to prepare for potential future, viral pandemics but also on secondary bacterial infections and the resulting impact this could have in antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

AiCuris has discovered a novel biological immunomodulator, AIC649, a proprietary inactivated parapoxvirus particle preparation. AIC649’s ability to boost the immune system against unrelated viruses gives the compound the potential to act as a broad, first-line therapy for current and future pandemics.  AiCuris is currently preparing for a clinical pilot trial to test its AIC649 compound as first-line therapy against Corona viruses versus placebo in patients suffering from asymptomatic infections.

AiCuris is also one of the few European companies that since inception is highly focused on developing new anti-infective agents that overcome resistance. The company has extensive expertise in developing novel, effective therapies against infectious diseases. AiCuris is actively exploring novel mechanisms of action to address the resistance issue. In July 2019, AiCuris signed a long-term cooperation for the development and optimization of Artilysin®-based drug candidates for various anti-bacterial indications including e.g. hospital-acquired pneumonia, and sepsis with Lysando AG. Thus, Aicuris has the experience and financial strengths, remaining committed to attack antibiotic resistance in new ways.