AiCubator – A new way of collaboration in the field of anti-infectives
Convert Great Ideas Into Reality

Often, it is not the lack of groundbreaking ideas that prevents the development of novel, innovative anti-infective drugs - a lack of funding, development and business experience limits resources for start-ups and scientific groups, discouraging the development of new therapeutic options.

AiCuris strongly believes that there is a need to encourage the development of more early projects based on new scientific principles to fill pipeline gaps, tackle AMR and prevent future pandemics. Therefore, we are constantly searching for novel technologies and creative approaches to develop more effective treatments against infectious diseases with high medical needs.

To promote early ideas that might lead to the next resistant breaking antibiotic or anti-infective, AiCuris has launched AiCubator, an innovative corporate incubator that provides long-term support for such anti-infective research projects.


  • You are an academic group or a recently formed biotech start-up with early stage projects in the antiviral or antibacterial field?
  • You have invented a new breakthrough mechanism of action with supporting data?
  • You want this data to become a reality?
  • You need support and guidance on your way?
Apply for resident status in our AiCubator program and get an expert evaluation and support from one of the leaders in anti-infectives in topics such as pre-clinical and clinical drug development and insight into the pharmaceutical business.


Every year AiCuris selects up to three projects that are scientifically attractive but too early staged for licensing deals. These projects should focus on areas of high priority in the field of anti-infectives.

See project criteria for 2020 call



AiCubator timeline and important deadlines

Submission deadline expanded to November 30th, 2020, 24:00 p.m. CEST.

Over the last weeks we experienced certain interest from European universities but given the current COVID situation we also saw applicants facing issues that prevent them from submitting project applications in time.
In order to stay abreast of the current non-standard situation we decided to expand the submission timeline by another two weeks. All other dates, such as the announcement of the winners and the start of the program, remain unaffected.

How to apply

  1. Download and fill out the application form (here)
  2. Send the filled in application form to


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