Pritelivir (AIC316) - The perfect solution for resistant HSV infections at immunocompromised patients.


Pritelivir is a small molecule solution with a new mechanism of action that can efficiently treat HSV infections at patients that are resistant to acyclovir. Being a niche product and focusing on immunocompromised patients (Stem cell and solid organ transplant patients, HIV and cancer patients) Pritelivir can efficiently treat even severe outbreaks that significantly decrease quality of life and can be even life threatening.

Based on the high unmet medical need and interim analysis of Phase II clinical trial in June 2020 Pritelivir received a Breakthrough Therapy Designation from FDA. Currently Phase III study clinical trial for Pritelivir is under preparation.

AiCuris is looking for commercialization partners for Pritelivir in US and other markets.

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