Research & Development

  • Intensive search for novel antiviral and antibacterial agents
  • Targeted at novel classes with resistance-breaking profiles
  • Guided by data-driven decision making and tightly coordinated research

Given the rise of resistance towards commonly used antibacterial and antiviral drugs, AiCuris' R&D strategy is based on discovery and development of novel and resistance-breaking therapies. Therefore, AiCuris' R&D portfolio nearly exclusively comprises compounds with a novel mechanism of action and/or originating from new chemical classes.
Besides its key R&D areas, virology and bacteriology, AiCuris also works on new therapies to help the body's own immune system defeat viral and bacterial infections. One of these projects is aimed at supporting antiviral drugs by improving the immune response towards viruses like HBV.
It is AiCuris' vision to combine innovative science and accelerated clinical development to create resistance-breaking therapies against bacterial and viral infections.