AIC649 - Proprietary Immune Modulator and Potential Cure for Chronic Hepatitis B Infection

AIC649 is a proprietary inactivated parapoxvirus (iPPVO). It induces a natural, self-limiting immune response, enhancing appropriate immune responses against unrelated viruses. As a novel biological immunomodulator, AIC649 has been conceived as curative treatment for HBV. Results from the woodchuck model provide strong evidence for functional cure of HBV infection.
AIC649 is being developed as first-line therapy in combination with standard of care for patients chronically infected with the HBV. A Phase 1 trial in chronic HBV patients was successfully completed.
In addition to its antiviral activity, AIC649 also prevents and ameliorates fibrosis and has potent antitumor properties as demonstrated by results obtained in several in-vivo cancer models.
AIC649 is currently open for partnering.

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