Holger Schmoll

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)    


Holger studied economic sciences at the universities of Bochum and Hagen, focusing on finance, HR and business informatics. He started his career in the IT industry and worked as the general manager of an IT system vendor and project leader from 1990 – 2004. Later, as a senior consultant, he was responsible for re-organization and re-capitalization projects for mid-sized companies. In 2007 Holger joined AiCuris as Chief Financial Officer. Within the management board, he is responsible for the commercial business, finance, legal, IT and technology & safety.
Holger is:

  • Board Member and Treasurer of BEAM
    (the European Association of Biotechs innovating in Anti-Microbial resistance research)
  • Member of the Working Group for Finance & Taxation of Bio Deutschland
    (the German Association of Biotech Industry)
  • Member of the Innovation and Funding Models Working Group of EBE
    (the European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises)

Holger Schmoll

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