Welcome to AiCuris : The Powerhouse for Anti-Infectives

AiCuris (from 'Anti-infective Cures') is a pharmaceutical company focused exclusively on the discovery, research and development of novel antiviral and antibacterial agents for the treatment of severe and potentially life-threatening infectious diseases.




Founded in 2006 from Bayer's virology and bacteriology research divisions, AiCuris has a broad and innovative pipeline of novel anti-infectives and a team of internationally regarded scientists and drug developers. With its focus on specialist markets with high medical need, the company is perfectly positioned for growth and success.

Company News


AiCuris strengthens its management

Dr. Manickam Rangaraju joined AiCuris on 1st May 2015 as new Head of Development, responsible for all preclinical and clinical activities of the company. Already one month before Dr. Alexander Birkmann had taken over the position as Head of Research, being responsible for the virological and bacteriological research activities.



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AiCuris & the BEAM Alliance

 Biotechs' from Europe innovating in
Anti-Microbial Resistance

AiCuris & the BEAM Alliance

AiCuris is one of the founding members of the newly launched alliance of Biotechs of Europe innovating in Anti-Microbial Resistance”, called the BEAM Alliance. This group of European biotechnology companies is committed to tackling the unique challenges facing the industry in the antibacterial field and currently regroups 37 companies from 10 European countries.  


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Job Opportunities

Join AiCuris and its quest for novel Anti-Infectives
We offer an exciting and challenging working enviroment in an innovative company with a world-class  R&D Portfolio.